Our Story


Ahlesa Textile Manufacturers (formerly known as Ahlesa Blankets Pty Ltd) was established in Atlantis in 1996 as a result of the DTI’s relocation grant. In 2000 it grew in size and capacity after its acquisition of Waverley Blankets.

The Ahlesa brand has deep quality, style and cultural roots in Turkiye through it’s founder, Mr Levent Senol, an astute businessman and philanthropist, who made the bold choice to emigrate Ahlesa Blankets to Cape Town in 1996 and blend two rich histories and cultures through high quality textile manufacturing. Three decades on, Mr Levent and the team of craftsmen and craftswomen at Ahlesa Textile Manufacturers are still excited about producing high quality, affordable products influenced by Turkish and South African culture, quality and a love of textiles.

In 2023 the company embarked on another bold journey - a Renaissance - in order to remain customer-centric, a leader in quality and design. The company rebrand and re-launch saw an adjustment of the company name from Ahlesa Blankets Pty Ltd to the now Ahlesa Textile Manufacturers.

The company’s full rebrand has reaffirmed it’s deep understanding of the textile manufacturing landscape and the shifts in textile fashion and trends. From this Ahlesa Textile Manufacturers was born along with the development of ranges such as “Ahlesa Home Range”, “Ahlesa Premium Range”, “Ahlesa Homeware Range” and many other ranges to suit our clients’ needs.

Our Values

Our values…we live them…we embody them…and our products reflect them. We believe in supporting local as far as possible and we believe in uplifting local as much as we can. We pay special attention to environmentally-conscious production and manufacturing. We promote sustainability by recycling and we reduce our carbon footprint by re-using acrylic waste to manufacture non-woven inners. We believe honesty and integrity are non-negotiable and we pride ourselves on reliability and value-for money. Our customers are our family and our quality is a promise.


Our Products


We have a technologically advanced manufacturing facility which is vertically geared at reducing, reusing and recycling waste. These savings from greener manufacturing methods are translated into greater savings for our clients. Our growing list of woven products range from blankets, rugs, table runners, table cloths and; our non-woven products range from bed base and mattress manufacturing, custom foam mattress manufacturing to non-woven premier duvet inner, comforters, pillows and recycled inner manufacturing amongst other products. We have the capacity to manufacture bespoke blankets with a custom design and package each one to customer specifications, as well as manufacture custom beds and mattresses. We meticulously design our products in-house and we responsibly source certain of our fabrics from international suppliers to later locally manufacture high quality, affordable products. Ahlesa is a seasoned expert and proudly South African manufacturer you can trust. Embrace comfort that is locally produced by local men and women for complete peace of mind.     

Jacquard loom weaving a blanket
Precision weaving of 100% woolen blanket, woven to client specifications and strict international production standards.
Raising Machine raising woven 100% wool fabric
Raising of 100% wool fabric to create the texture and warmth according to client specifications. The machine uses fine metal bristles to raise each of the woven fabrics to the ideal texture.
Cable stitch of 100% wool fabric
A woolen blanket being cable stitched to the exact client specifications. Cable stitch is an alternative to binding or fringing a blanket but depends on client needs.


13 Neil Hare Road
Atlantis Industrial
Cape Town
South Africa

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 8:00 am – 5:30 pm
Sat: 8:00 am – 1:00 pm
Sun: Closed


021 577 2270 
021 577 3792

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